by Our Souls Evolve

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released December 2, 2013

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Sergio Schiappacassi
Assistant Engineer: Charly St-Pierre
Mastering by Antoine Nadon

Artwork by Sergio Schiappacassi

All Music Written by Sergio Schiappacassi except “Manipulators” *
All Lyrics Written by Raphael Osorio except “Afraid” **
Vocals Recorded at Microgroove Studio by Charly St-Pierre
*Written by Ismael Mossadeq and arranged by Sergio Schiappacassi
**Written by Raphael Osorio & Sergio Schiappacassi



all rights reserved


Our Souls Evolve Montreal, Québec

Behind all electric flesh, lies our Souls. Reacting to our rhythm and melodies, making us Human. As I hold this Humanity, I have created a sound. A melody. A groove. Now you can taste its Origins...

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Track Name: Wasteland
Across this wasteland
I can see a paradise
Eden Open yourself to me
Show me the way to paradise
Track Name: Origins
Behind your electric flesh
Lies the greatest thing
A soul

What most have forgotten
The part that makes us human
Questioning yourself
Questioning your origins

Thoughts going everywhere
Your core transferring
Data to Data

Program unstable

The weight begins to crush you
Which sacrifice will I make
What lies beyond this life
What must I find
Beyond this lie
Track Name: Evolve
I can't come back
I have reach the point of no return

The doors of the univers have opened to me
I hold my humanity

All the past Of men, Within me
The Secrets of god Show it to me

I hold my humanity
In my hand

My soul has evolve

All Will Be Crush
For so long I have waited this
For so long I have wanted
This moment

My soul has evolved
Track Name: Afraid
Tormented, excruciate
Self inflected misery
Always denying my own liberty
Denying ! Liberty

That's how they feel
That's how I felt
That's what it had cost me

Behind lies
He hides

But someday he met somoene
And from her help
He found the strenght
To push Back all of his mistakes

Afraid of the reaction from the ones I love
Afraid from the possibilities
The parallel worlds
In which my mind hold
It's reality

Will I lose her? Is this worth it?

I'll never know the answer
I have to admit
Because I am
(Because we are)
Afraid of the reaction from the ones I love
Afraid from the possibilities
The parallel worlds In which my mind hold
It's reality
I am free
Track Name: Manipulators
How can a judgement be made
When you know nothing
Being open minded never killed anyone

Do not let your perception
be blinded by the clichés

A society controlled by the media
A world surrounded by lies
How to stop the devastating machine
How to stop


People eatten by their fear
To discover
something we could
we should
we have to love